Patient Reviews

Nancy   (Fibromyalgia, low back pain)

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for 17 years. During that time I visited with a variety of medical specialists and therapists to see if I could gain some control of my pain. I was also introduced to the world of chiropractic. Prior to beginning my treatment with Dr. Guenther in Oct 2002, I had received treatment from two other chiropractic clinics in the Omaha area. All of the above gave me a little relief here and there but the disease just seemed to be getting ahead of me. 

Dr. Guenther talked everything over with me, pointed all things out to me on the x-rays and answered all of my many questions. I decided we would make a GOOD TEAM! 

My pain level is down from a 7 or 8 to, most of the time a 3 or 4. I have been able to get back to exercising and weight training, which had become extremely hard to enjoy when I was having so much pain. Now I can work out and actually feel better when I am finished. 

I feel that I was blessed that day I met Dr. Guenther. His care and dedication have turned my life around. Now I will be ready when those little grandchildren start coming. Instead of enjoying ‘watching’ them run and play, I will be running and playing ‘with’ them! Thank you Dr.Guenther from the bottom of my heart :o) 

Nancy C. 

Edith (Fibromyalgia, low back pain) 

I am writing this letter to you in thanks for all the difference you’ve made in my life. I hope you put this in a place where lots of people will see it so they learn from my experience. As you know, I met you at the arthritis foundation health fair. At that time in my life I was becoming very depressed with the worsening state of my health. My fibromyalgia had gotten to a point were I could no longer do the things I love. My favorite hobby is country-line dancing and when I met you I was all but retired from my hobby. I could not dance longer than 10 minutes without body pains all over, especially in my neck and shoulder region. 

In my search for relief, I went to every medical specialist I could find, all of which prescribed me the same drugs. The drugs only “took the edge off”. When I came to you I was willing to try anything that would allow me to sleep better at night and live some kind of normal life. 

Within days of starting under your care, I noticed a difference. My pain rating started dropping from 10’s to 8’s than 6’s. In three months I could honestly put 3’s and 4’s on the sheet. Eight weeks after starting chiropractic care I was line dancing again. Four months after starting care, I participated in the country line dancing demonstration that lasted over an hour, and when I came to you the next day my pain rating was a “1”!!! 

Thank you so much for all you have done, you have truly changed my life and given me so much to look forward to. You have been not only a great doctor but also a great friend. 

Very very sincerely 
Edith “twinkle toes” T. 

Nick  (Severe low back injury)

On September 6, 2001 in a football game against the Northwest Huskies, I was injured while attempting to make a tackle. I made the tackle, but after the play, I had to be helped off the field because of the pain in my lower back. The pain was severe and my movement was incredibly limited. The school trainer did his best to help me but it became apparent that I would need a doctor. 

My father and I went to a clinic and after a few X-Rays and some poking the doctors had no clue what was wrong. They told me to keep coming back and they would continue to try to help me. After four weeks of no progress my father and I decided to try a chiropractor, despite the protests of my mother. 

After two weeks of chiropractic care, I was back on the football field with my teammates. I was able to play the final three games of a season I had given up hope on. I continued treatment and now I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in thanks to your dedicated help. Now I’m ready to play football at the University of Nebraska-Kearney this season, an opportunity I wouldn’t have had without the help you gave me. Dr. Guenther, you have given me the chance to live my dream of playing college football when everyone told me it was time to hang it up. 

Nick L. 

Chelly  (Low back pain)

I was experiencing severe low back even after undergoing spine surgery to fuse L3 and L4 on February 1, 2008. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, the pain was always an 8, and it never went away! I just tried to work through it. I am a Professional bodybuilder and Figure Poser and was finding it extremely painful to lift even the lightest amount of weight without pain. Some days I would skip my workout because of the pain. In the mornings, I would wake up, and roll out of bed half hunched over. Then I would slowly try to stand up straight as my lower back slowly gave in. To help alleviate the pain, I had to stand with my back arched which made my stomach protrude, not a great look for a Figure Poser!

I was referred to Dr. Guenther by a friend. I knew Chiropractors existed but have never been educated on what they do, and I was told that I should go to one. I had no expectations, and was just hoping it could help a little. Dr. Guenther examined my back and neck, took a scan and an x-ray to isolate the problem areas and see where the misalignments were affecting my body. These also explained why my neck was always hurting. I suppose I had gotten so used to the pain that I just learned to live with it.

Oh my gosh, I am so thrilled to report that I now have zero pain after having been in constant pain for almost two years. I have been lifting at my normal capacity. There are days I do not even have to wear my weight lifting belt which I wore regularly for support when my back was really hurting. Now I can carry my kids and not feel like my back is going to break in half. Dr. Guenther is amazing. He modifies his treatments according to how your body reacts. He is awesome as he truly displays how he cares for his patients. Likewise, I always appreciated that he stays on time and is very flexible with your visits.

I think everyone should see Dr. Guenther! Your spine is the center of your entire body. When it is not properly aligned, you won't be able to do anything as well as if it is. It is so nice to not have to roll out of bed. I don't even think about my back anymore because the pain is gone. Prior to chiropractic care, my spine surgeon had mentioned that I may need to have another surgery to replace L5. I would never want to endure back surgery again. I have had five difficult child births, but nothing was as bad as spine surgery. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Guenther prior to having any type of back surgery. You will be glad you did, it's changed my life.

Chell M. [email protected]

John  (Low back pain) 

I had chronic low back pain for a long time. My back hurt so badly, I couldn’t get out of bed; I literally fell out of bed just to get up. I also had leg pain and numbness in my legs so bad I hated to walk. My back pain interfered with my entire life. I couldn’t enjoy fishing, weightlifting, or gardening without pain. 

I went from doctor to doctor looking for help; none of them could help. They said I may have to live with this pain the rest of my life. I was determined to do something about it so I tried everything. I would take 2,000 mg a day of Ibuprofen, 4 Alleve’s 3 times a day, 12,000 mg of Aspirin, and 400 mg a day of Celebrex. Sometimes I would combine these drugs and I still had chronic pain. 

A friend and former patient referred me to Dr.Guenther. I had my doubts about chiropractic being able to help me. Dr. Guenther took x-rays of my back and hips. 

After my treatments, I can now do all of my hobbies without pain or problems. I’m 62 years old and I felt like a sick 90 year old man and now I feel like a quick 45. I could go on and on about how great chiropractic care is. I have tried many methods and I found chiropractic care gets wonderful and terrific results. 

Thank God I met Dr. Guenther. He has turned my whole life around so that I can live my life without pain. 

John H.

Dave  (Low back and pelvis pain) 

My condition was intolerable lower back pain as a result of a car accident in April of 2010.  I was unable to seek help right away due to other health problems.  I was unable to work, and could not perform menial tasks.

I had previously sought help through a regular medical doctor, but all they were able to do was offer to relieve my pain through medications.                                      

I was refered to Dr. Guenther through a friend, and was glad I acted on it.  I admit I was very skeptical about a Chiropractic method, but was very relieved and happy I made that decision.  Dr. Guenther has proven without a doubt my decision to see him was the right one.  He is very professional and I have been looked after with the upmost courtesy.  I might add I've never had to wait to be treated, he is very punctual.

As far as my improvement goes, as I've told Dr. Guenther, my condition is way beyond my expectations.  I am so greatful for his care.  I can now drive any distance comfortably, perform almost any daily task including taking out trash and mowing the lawn, all of which I could not do before my visiting Dr. Guenther.

To any one needing any sort of back or neck or headache or any similar service, I can not recommend enough the services and skill of Dr. Guenther.  You'll thank me later.

David Broderson

Jean (Headaches, low back pain, and neck pain) 

Over the past 6 years, I have suffered from chronic back pain. I even had to change jobs because of the pain. My current job requires me to be on my feet for long hours. Half way through the day, I had to sit down. My legs would begin to hurt, and my back would tighten to the point that I couldn’t stand any longer. I was unable to stand up straight, had shooting pain down both legs, had numbness in my arms and legs, and suffered severe headaches. 

Since beginning chiropractic treatment in December, I am able to stand up straight! I have no shooting pains, no numbness, and have had only a few headaches! My children are amazed that I am now able to crawl on the floor and have no fear of being stuck! I can now carry the youngest child and have even been known to give the largest child a piggy-back ride! Nights have become relaxing and comfortable. I wake refreshed and ready for a new day. I sleep all night long, as long as my children don’t wake me! 

I would say to anyone with back or neck pain, “Try chiropractic treatment. If you have half the success that I have experienced, you won’t regret it! Guenther Chiropractic has changed my life!” 

Thank you for giving me my life back! 
Jean W.

Michelle (Chronic headaches and neck pain)

Before coming to Dr. Guenther I woke up with headaches every day.  On a good day I could function but would be in pain.  On a bad day, I would end up getting shots of pain killers from my medical doctor.  The shots averaged one every two weeks.  Along with my headaches I also suffered pain in my neck and back.  I would do as little as possible.  To help with the headaches I had seen three different treatments: an orthopedic specialist; a pain doctor; and I tried physical therapy for the neck and shoulder pain.  Everyone said nothing could be done and I had to live with the pain with the help of medications.

My mother and grandmother both suffered with headaches and found relief from Chiropractic.  After years of trying everything else I gave it a try.  My expectations were to help manage the pain as I had really given up on finding a cure.

Dr. Guenther did an exam and showed me my x-rays.  He explained what he saw and what they were supposed to look like.  Dr. Guenther also explained specifically which bones were causing the headaches.  After two weeks of treatments I had loosened up and was given exercises.  One month later we took new x-rays and was shown the improvement.  It was wonderful to be able to see the progress as well as feel better.

After one month I was waking up headache free!!  I have been able to stop most of my pain meds.  It has made a difference in my entire life.  I can go to work without worrying about being able to drive home, do more with my kids and family as well as getting back into my favorite hobby-reading.

Dr. Guenther keeps you informed the whole time and always asks about progress and/or setbacks.  I went to him expecting very little and walked out with my life back!!!

Michelle Kallio 2010 

Lorraine (Back and knee pain)

A Gift two years ago that lead me to you brought TRIPLED Blessings…and for this, my COMPLETE Gratitude!!
I had never considered chiropractic. After living 65 years, had a fall, a car accident 20 years ago and being diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2005, it was becoming difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I had an aching lower back and little movement in the neck and shoulder area. I thought this was all a part of aging. That is until I was gifted with a gift certificate to Clooty Tree Massage that later introduced me to you and your highly successful treatment of two physical problems. I am happy to report that my back is much straighter and getting out of bed is now without pain. I also have full movement of my neck. Thank you Dr. Brian many times over!!
Then last August, the knee! What happened to me!!?? And again you helped! You looked at my knee that was in great pain, got the necessary information and started treatment for my injured meniscus. I again trusted in your knowledge, accuracy, honesty and skill. YOU brought me through a knee injury that had me walking with a cane and a pain level of 7 to 8! I had been looking at the possibility of surgery! I was so happy to have you apply your chiropractic skills, patience and humor. You also helped me to make a few changes in lifestyle to help with my total wellness.
I am not sure what the picture of me physically would be today if you had not been on this journey of life with me. A wheelchair, cane, pain?? All would have been possibilities!!! I am still able to get up in the morning without pain, my neck still has complete movement and the knee only gets a little wrap support when I am out and about.
I much appreciate how nature can help heal when rightly assisted. I respect this physical masterpiece of creation so much more and not force limitations.
We have had a very successful journey to better health, easier movement and living well. I have and will continue to highly recommend you to those with physical back, neck, and knee pain, or any pain for advice and gentle, accurate care!
A very pleased patient,
Sister Lorraine S.

Wanda (Neck, low back, arm and fingers pain)

I had pain in three areas on my right side; 1) the shoulder blade 2) lower back and 3) my right arm including wrist and fingers. The shoulder blade pain was a 7 based on 10 being the highest. My lower back a 5 and right arm a 10, the worst!!

The pain in my back and shoulder blade was intermittent. I could work 45 minutes- then the pain would start and I would have to rest. Once it stopped, I would go back to work again until the pain would begin again. The right arm ache and cramping of the muscles or nerves was constant. The ache was so intense it felt like a vice grip and the nerves in my hand would throb until I thought it would explode!! I could not relax to sleep. All of this started when my husband of 56 years had a stroke and passed away almost two years ago.

At first my doctor thought it was stress from my husband’s lengthy illness and gave me some steroids and pain medication. It did not help and I was referred to a neurologist. I told the neurologist I wanted to try a chiropractor to see if I could ease the pain before taking any medication.

My daughter had seen Dr. Guenther and had very good results. She urged me to see Dr. Guenther as well. I had some doubts that chiropractic could help me because I was 82 years old and I thought a lot of my pain was just old age. But I had always been active and decided to give it a try. Dr. Guenther took x-rays, identified the problem and started treatment. Relief came immediately and in two months- all the cramping, throbbing and aching ceased! I have slept comfortably for the first time in 2 years!
This picture was taken when I 72. I am 82 now and feel like I did at age 72. If you don’t think you are enjoying your retirement or your life due to aches and pains that are not cured with pain pills, I recommend Dr. Guenther to help your feel better no matter what your age.

Wanda H.

Teresa (Low back and sciatica)

I suffered from Sciatica for about 10 months. I had constant pain from my right lower back down to my right knee and at times all the way down to the right ankle. The pain remained constant while standing, sitting or laying down and rated a ten on a one to ten scale. I thought I was just going to have to live with the pain! I started taking Aleve to hopefully get some relief but after taking two Aleve twice a day, there was no relief .

I met Dr. Guenther at a health fair held by my employer in November of 2009. At first seeing he was a Chiropractor, I just rolled my eyes and said “no thanks”, as I had a very low opinion of Chiropractors at that time. I begrudgingly listened to Dr. Guenther as we discussed my problem and he encouraged me to visit his office as he thought he would be able to help me with my particular problem. I was very hesitant as I viewed chiropractors as “quackpractors”. I was very skeptical and did not feel I would get any relief. Short of any other options, I went ahead and elected treatment as I did not want to continue with pain medication that I was not getting relief from anyway. In my original visit to Dr. Guenther’s office I basically told him in a stern voice that this was going to be “a waste of time”. After viewing my x-rays, Dr. Guenther explained my problem and told me he believed chiropractic could help me get relief. I decided to give it a chance as I really had nothing to loose, the pain couldn’t get any worse. After 3 weeks of treatment, I got some relief and decided to continue treating. After 7 weeks, I only take 1 Aleve per day and feel 80% better .

I would encourage anyone to not wait until the pain is unbearable before visiting Dr. Guenther. Chiropractic treatment may very well give you relief from pain. I am grateful that Dr. Guenther convinced me to visit his office and give chiropractic a try.

Teresa N.

Mary (Low back pain)
I fell on my tailbone during an ice storm in January 2009. After that, I walked with a limp because my hip and low back were so sore. I could not walk briskly, play sports, even shop normally! I saw my doctor who said I should ice the sore areas, take Tylenol and just let it heal. I decided to consider chiropractic treatment.

My dad had seen a chiropractor and got relief after a golf injury. I was very skeptical and scared! Actually, I was deathly afraid of what a chiropractor may do to me but I had been in so much pain for the last month that I was ready to try. I called Dr. Guenther’s office so many times with questions and concerns. I know I drove them crazy!

On my first visit to Dr. Guenther’s office I was literally shaking with fear (I’m not sure why). I think I asked him four times if this could hurt me. Dr. Guenther did x-rays and calmed my nerves the first day (the calming was NOT an easy task either!) He recommended I come back in two days once he had a chance to analyze the x-rays and test results, and I did (thankfully!). I felt better almost immediately!

I would tell anyone who is in pain and skeptical of chiropractic care that I was the biggest skeptic and chicken! I am so glad that I made it to Dr. Guenther’s office and followed through with his treatment recommendations. I am so happy that I got over myself and my crazy fears!! I fell on the ice again (1 year later) and the first person I called was Dr. Guenther for an appointment. I could not wait to go and could not be more relieved to know that I would feel better soon. I had no fears- I was more than ready!!

Mary Claire M.

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